Monthly Archives: July 2011


July 1, 2011 – Public Finance Solutions & Engineering changed their name to FIGtree Energy Resource Company to support their plans to offer financial products to commercial and residential property owners.

“Our name change does not reflect a merger or ownership change – we’re the same hardworking people doing the same good work,” stated Michael Chapin, President/CEO of FIGtree. “For branding reasons, we needed a consumer friendly name.”

FIGtree Energy Resource Company is the formal name, but the company plans to use “FIGtree” as their day-to-day name. “We selected FIGtree because it represents many of the characteristics we take pride in – deep roots in California and a reputation for strength. We also like the fact that FIG can be an acronym for ‘Future Is Green’ which should help with name recall.” Chapin said.