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Monday, 17 October 2011 -Fresno Business Journal –  In the interest of lowering the utility bills for local businesses, the Clovis City Council recently approved a program that will provide financing to property owners for energy efficiency upgrades.

The California PACE™ (Property Assessed Clean Energy) program, already adopted by Fresno earlier this year along with a number of other California cities, uses money from the sale of municipal bonds to extend loans for investments in lighting, air conditioning, windows, insulation, solar panels and other improvements that will stretch a building’s energy or water use.

Participating property owners will be able to pay back the loans through a voluntary assessment on their property tax for up to 20 years.

“This has the potential to save thousands of dollars for commercial-industrial property owners in energy consumption each year,” said Tina Sumner, community and economic development director for the city of Clovis, in a press release. “The poor economy makes it difficult for many property owners to pay out of pocket for these upgrades; the PACE program brings that opportunity.”

The fixed-rate financing requires no money down or credit check while the assessment is transferable if the property is sold.

Property owners interested in making energy efficiency upgrades should contact FIGtree Energy Resource Company, the San Diego-based organization administering the program, at (877) 577-7373

October 5th, 2011 – With a vote by the city council, California PACE™ financing is now available to property owners in the City of Kerman.

Under California Assembly Bill 811, California property owners in special assessment districts may enter into voluntary contractual assessments against their properties to finance energy-efficient products. The financed amount is repaid over time through annual property tax assessments, the charge appearing as a line item on the property tax bill.

California PACE™ (Property Assessed Clean Energy) offers property value based financing at a fixed rate. Applicants do not submit a credit check and there is no down payment.

The administrator of California PACE™ is Figtree Energy Resource Company, located in San Diego, California. Both residential and commercial property owners can find general information, disclosures and applications at