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Oceanside Votes to Stimulate Job Creation and Drive Adoption of Solar, Energy Improvements with Dynamic PACE Duo of FIGTREE and HERO

PACE providers FIGTREE and HERO unite in support of the tenet that freedom of financing choice drives success — and competitive PACE marketplaces trump sole source options

(Oceanside, CA  June 10, 2013) – The Oceanside City Council has voted to embrace the tenets of free market competition to drive program excellence for PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing),  an innovative financing vehicle that helps commercial property owners fund money-saving renewable energy, energy efficiency and water conservation improvements based strictly on property values.  The June 5 vote approves the introduction of both San Diego-based FIGTREE PACE and the HERO program into Oceanside’s menu of commercial PACE service providers.

“We had a lively discussion about PACE and a majority of the council agreed with those who spoke at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting:   Oceanside has an opportunity to bring two proven programs to our community that can put contractors back to work, help property owners cut energy costs and improve Oceanside’s building stock using no public money,” said Deputy Mayor Jerry Kern.  “Why not let them compete to drive best practices?” Kern asked.

FIGTREE uses private-sector capital to supply property owners with 100% up-front funding for material and labor costs of permanently-installed improvements that reduce a building’s use of grid-supplied energy or water.  PACE financing is available for commercial, industrial and multi-family properties of five or more units.