Figtree PACE Commercial Financing

Figtree PACE Financing allows up to 20% of a property’s value to be financed for energy efficiency, renewable energy, or water conservation upgrades. The financing creates an assessment lien on the property and is repaid as semi-annual installments on the property tax bill.

Figtree PACE Financing is no money down, long term (up to 20 years), with fixed low interest rates.

Why Energy Upgrades with PACE?

Updating your property with energy efficiency, renewable energy, or water conservation projects raises property values and generates income. Selling prices of green buildings have been shown to be higher by 16%. In addition, with immediate energy savings, rebates, and tax incentives, energy projects with PACE can be cash flow positive in year one. These updated buildings rents are also higher by about 6% further boosting the ROI.

The Benefits of PACE Financing and Energy Upgrades

Preserve Cash: Upgrade your property while preserving traditional bank credit and cash for other projects.

Low Annual Payments: Long term PACE financing results in low annual payments allowing energy savings to offset PACE payments.

Get Tax Incentives and Rebates: With PACE financing the property owner owns the system so they keep all rebates and tax incentives for the improvement.

Transfer Lien with Property: PACE lien is attached to the property and can transfer to next owner on sale of the property.

Off Balance Sheet: PACE financing is potentially off balance sheet. Consult your accountant for guidance.

Property and Project Eligibility

Qualifying for PACE financing is based on the property not business credit. All commercial property types are eligible including office, industrial, agriculture, retail, hotel, and multi-family. Non-profits are also eligible.

Most energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects are eligible including solar, HVAC, boilers & chillers, lighting, building controls, windows, cool roofing, water-efficient plumbing, and more. The minimum project size is $100,000. Click here to see a sample list of qualifying improvements.

To be eligible the property must be located in a participating area. Please click here to see our online map for the latest list of cities and counties that have made the Figtree PACE Program available to their property owners.

For more details on eligibility and qualification criteria, please see the term sheet below.

Getting Started and Process

Step 1 - Find out how much financing your property is eligible for by completing our online property check.

Step 2 - Find a contractor that knows PACE and can help you scope your project or you can use your own contractor. They can join the program by registering here.

Step 3 - Develop a project scope of work for your building improvements.

Step 4 - Use the online calculator to estimate your PACE payment amount. Plug that annual payment number into your energy payback or contact Figtree and request a proposal. We will create a cash flow with PACE. We will need to know the cost, energy savings, and rebates and incentives for the project.

Step 5 - Apply for the financing online.


Overview Brochure

View an Overview Brochure

Get a summary of the Figtree PACE Program. This brochure covers everything from benefits to process.

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Detailed Guide

Property Owner's Guide to PACE

Download the complete guide to Figtree PACE Financing. This 16 page guide covers everything you need to know about PACE Financing.

Click Here for the Detailed Guide

On Demand Webinars and Videos

Learn more with our on demand webinars and videos.

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What professionals throughout California are saying about Figtree PACE:

"I chose Property Assessed Clean Energy financing because it enabled us to make improvements to our facilities with no money down. And the long term financing helped keep the cost of the upgrades to a minimum. Overall we were able to get new equipment with little impact to our operating income."
David Miller, Property Owner, Fresno, CA

"We adopted the CA PACE program to help commercial property owners finance money-saving, property improving energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions that in turn help us realize our economic development goals and promote a healthier environment for our citizens. It's a 360-degree win for cities, property owners – and the community at large!"
Joseph Oldham, Sustainability Manager, City of Fresno

"Program's like Figtree PACE present energy-intensive commercial customers with low-cost ways to finance relevant, energy and money saving solutions that reap benefits for years to come. Quite simply, this program makes good business sense for many of our commercial customers. We're promoting their unique brand of financing to customers whenever we can!"
Bob Riding, Community Energy Manager, PG&E


PACE Financing Term Sheet

PACE Financing Term Sheet

Get into the details of PACE financing. Review qualification details, key terms, fees, and disclosures.

Review Financing Term Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions. Or if you prefer don’t hesitate to contact us as well. We are here to help.

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