Compare Figtree PACE
Lease Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Traditional
Bank Loan
Figtree PACE
Application Process
Business credit review required
Yes Yes Yes No
Three year financials, tax returns, and history required
Yes Yes Yes No
Down payment is required
Potentially Potentially Yes No
Financial Benefits
You keep and receive financial benefits from rebates and tax incentives
No No Yes Yes
You permanently add financial value and environmental benefits to your property
No No Yes Yes
Fixed interest, long term ownership financing
No No No Yes
General Considerations
You can purchase many different energy upgrades like cool roofing and solar panels with one financing
No No Yes Yes
You make your payment on the annual property tax bill rather than each month
No No No Yes
If the property is sold, the financed amount is transitioned to the next owner
Negotiated Negotiated No Yes