Marketing Support

Figtree provides full-service marketing for the Figtree PACE program and will support the public relations and advertising efforts of participating cities and counties. Figtree has developed a marketing and outreach strategy that, when enacted in your community, can create meaningful financial and environmental benefits.

When your city or county adopts the Figtree PACE program, Figtree will work closely with staff to develop marketing initiatives aimed at spreading awareness of the program to your community.

Marketing initiatives include:

  • News releases (drafts provided by Figtree for customization by your Public Information Office).
  • Website "badges" to link to the program website
  • Direct Mail (draft campaigns for customization)
  • Print collateral
  • e-Brochures
  • Educational and Training Modules

Through our extensive network, Figtree will promote the program through energy companies, water suppliers, energy consultants, contractors, and energy efficient equipment manufacturers.

In general, Figtree is ready and able to support an agency's efforts to get the word out about Figtree PACE financing.