House with Solar Panels

Energy Savings

Energy expenses quickly add up and can be a large portion of your budget. Figtree Financing’s innovative financing program help you reduce your energy budget, saving you money each month for the things you really want.

So, where are your energy dollars going? Straight to your utility company.

Most structures are characterized by numerous, sometimes invisible, sources of energy (and cash) leaks. Figtree Financing gives property owners the opportunity to address the root causes of energy inefficiency. By upgrading your property with energy efficiency measures and high efficiency equipment, you’ll stop the leaks and reduce the energy required for your home or building.

With a few affordable adjustments, you can significantly reduce the amount of power you require, without changing your comfort level.

Here's How It Works

Making improvements including insulation, replacing inefficient air conditioning and heating equipment, and swapping out an inefficient water heater can make a big difference in the amount of energy you use. Additional measures such as cool roofing, solar energy, and new windows only increase your savings potential.

Energy Savings Chart

So, where do your Figtree PACE dollars go? Back to you!

Figtree Financing puts money back in your pocket. When you spend less on energy you have more money for the things you really want.

How do I start claiming my energy dollars? Apply for one of our financing programs.

Figtree PACE financing is affordable, long-term, and uniquely suited to energy upgrade projects. You can save more on energy than your cost of financing - meaning you can find positive cash flows simply by updating your home or commercial building. Don't forget, rebates and tax incentives may be available, too. Your savings could be huge!