Commercial Financing Application

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Things You Will Need
We know your time is valuable, so we've created an application that should only take you about 15 minutes to fill-out. If you prefer to print an application to submit by mail, you can download the application file here. To assist with the information we're requesting, please have the following available to you before you start:

  • A copy of your property tax bill

Processing Fee
A fee of $695 will be added to the total amount of the assessment at the time of closing. An additional $100 charge will apply to each of any additional parcels in connection with the assessment. This fee pays for costs incurred in processing each application, including a title search to verify property ownership and any liens on the property. This fee is included in the total amount of financing.

Property Tax Bill
With information from your tax bill we can provide a preliminary estimate of the amount you can finance, and the annual payment you will make on your tax bill.

What Path Did You Take?
Before arriving here to fill out this application your journey started somewhere. We are interested in knowing what influenced you initially? (Pick 1 from the 12 options below.)